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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 29 мар 2015, 21:27

Спасибо мужиик! )
This trait is easy to pass along by making the trait holder the breeder. It can also be strengthened this way.
А это что? Не понял.
Since animal products can only be generated in the central enclosure, putting ranched NPCs in the hut, for instance, can make things easier to manage.
И это тоже не понял.
Интересно что даёт master/servant relationship?
Новый фит на скорость, скил наездника поменяли наконец.
Красавцы. )
Как раз накопил две пачки восстанавливающего тело и дух зелья, и есть "святая вода". )
Последний раз редактировалось Fenix-Феня 29 мар 2015, 21:41, всего редактировалось 1 раз.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Morrr » 30 апр 2015, 09:54

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rjtmd247d6c6 ... 4.zip?dl=0
Скрытый текст: ПОКАЗАТЬ
[Additions & Changes]
*Added items that allows for temporary changes to portrait, sprite, and name while applying a buff. Pets can use them as well.
**For testing purposes, it will be generated at your feet at the time of updating.
**The buff effect differs for every item.
**Should facilitate roleplaying, particularly when combined with Garrok's functions.
**It's necessary to set the name, sprite, and portrait after changing for the first time, as it can't be done beforehand. Afterwards that information will be saved.
*Added the ability to make juice from fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
**Price and nutrition isn't changed when made into juice, nor are + modifiers taken into account.
**Even if the original item is rotten, the juice won't be treated as rotten food.
**You shouldn't bother turning items with + modifiers into juice.
**Nutritional values are multiplied by 1.5x when you mix juices (regardless of how many), and it can also be mixed with milk.
*Added a small bit to the 3rd part of the main quest. Up to the mid-boss now.
*Added the "attack select" option to the game settings.
*Milk can now be mixed with coffee.
*Pets that are riding will now show on the tactical instruction list.
*Added higher-level enemies to the horse, Minotaur, and mouse races.
*Four characters had their graphics changed.
*Added evolutions.
*Fixed an issue where Chaos and Electric Cloud evolutions weren't properly gaining skills.
*Fixed an issue where magical power wouldn't return to normal after the use of Over-Ray.
*Fixed an issue with brainwashed summon undead being unable to return to their coffins and not dropping their coffins if they died.
*Various wording/notation fixes.
*Revised an issue with the master/servant relationship regarding who was the last pet to pick up something at their feet.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 30 апр 2015, 22:14

**You shouldn't bother turning items with + modifiers into juice.
В каком смысле?

Спасибо за обнову!

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 16 сен 2015, 12:10

Как там насчёт обнов для Элонки?

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Re: Elona

Сообщение t2r » 16 сен 2015, 23:35

Fenix-Феня писал(а):Как там насчёт обнов для Элонки?
Вообще-то недавно обновилась: Elona+ v.1.49fix и ElonaCustom 1.49.1 с дополнительным переводом (включается в настройках языка).
Каждый раз с выходом новой версии пытаюсь начать, и как-то неочень, c бесконечными жизнями играть непривычно, а так довольно быстро умираю, или мутирую во что-то весьма странное.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 17 сен 2015, 22:17

У меня последняя версия 1.44, где взять промежуточные и остальные?
Или промежуточные нафиг не нужны?
Последний раз редактировалось Fenix-Феня 17 сен 2015, 23:58, всего редактировалось 1 раз.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 17 сен 2015, 22:25

t2r писал(а):Каждый раз с выходом новой версии пытаюсь начать, и как-то неочень, c бесконечными жизнями играть непривычно, а так довольно быстро умираю, или мутирую во что-то весьма странное.
Так не умирай! и не мутируй особо. Я вон феями начал, потом понял что это срань, начал големом - вот где сила брат, в големах.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение t2r » 18 сен 2015, 11:19

Да не, дополнительно ставить предыдущие версии не нужно, брать вроде бы там же где и всегда:

Elona+(wikiwiki.jp/elonaplus/) changelog так и не нашел.

Elona Custom(http://elona.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:17104)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/sl4rljahj1rkx ... x.zip?dl=0

А в чем профит голема? Он же очень медленный.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 19 сен 2015, 05:36

Медленный, но жЫрнЫй!
Столько хп ты нигде больше не наковыряешь, а скорость не такая уж и проблема.

Мне бы хотелось чейнжлоги предыдущих версий пошшупать, хотя бы их.
Или их вообще никак не найти?

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Re: Elona

Сообщение t2r » 19 сен 2015, 21:37

Там на вики оказывается уже есть перевод, кроме детальной инфы по последним двум :)
Скрытый текст: ПОКАЗАТЬ
1.45 Changelog (EN, translated by AnnaBannana)

[Additions & Changes]

Added a minor addition to the main story. Up to just past the mid-boss.
Due to limitations in the show room, conversations with CNPCs not in the party will proceed from the top of the conversation options, instead of being random.
Made some small changes to the "change appearances" items. You can change it when using a transformation shell, and will be able to see the portrait itself.
Made the duration of the transformation shells longer.
The proc rate for "Breath" enchantments has been increased to 30% (3 times its previous value). and the proc rate for "Bolt" enchantments have been increased to 5%.
The reaction of pets to the PC sucking their blood can now be set in txtDrain. Furthermore, for pets who are at least "Fellow" OR at least "Amenable" will not take damage, and their bleeding will decrease.
The effect of the Mana Absorption enchant has been increased.
The Jewel of Awake Nefia has had its cooldown time reduced to 48 hours.
Mani's gemstone will now only damage enemies, and the attribute of the attack has been changed to "Magic".
Thrown chestnuts will now remain in place (?)
Some designs relating to card decks have been updated.
The number of platinum required for training has been decreased.
When throwing the Skull Sword, it will now ignore defense (but not resistance). Also, it will now do the normal weight-reliant damage. Additionally, an enhanced version can now be made with synthesis.
Higher level additions to the bat and rabbit races have been added
A certain unique NPC will now increase in strength in accordance with your main quest progress.
The restraint status effect has been strengthed to reduce the target's evasion to 0, rather than to 1/5. However, the duration has been halved (to 10 turns).
When avoiding an attack while riding, both the rider and the mount will gain "Riding" experience.
Slave Masters will now sell NPCs up to level 130.


Fixed an issue where Breath attacks wouldn't hit allies.
Fixed a bug that has existed since vanilla Elona in which a bug could fire during a special event in the tutorial with Lomias (doesn't relate the Secret Experience of Lomias).

1.45 Changes Detailed (official note translated to EN by AnnaBannana)

[Special Event With Lomias in the Tutorial]

If you tell Lomias to leave your home but Larnneire is dead, what would happen...? Although the requirements are difficult to pull off and there are only downsides, since it was a part of vanilla Elona but non-functioning, I've fixed it so that it works properly. In Elona, even if Larnneire was dead, the conversation would proceed normally without incident.

[Main Quest Details]

The mid-boss has been implemented on the 10th level of the Cradle of Chaos. A map-wide effect will occasionally occur until the boss is defeated, preventing everyone (boss included) from teleporting. However, if the mass-produced Melugust machine is alive, it will change to a 5-turn Restraint with a 94% probability. Once you've defeated the boss, return for Gavela for a reward, which ends the addition. You should be able to enter the 11th floor of the Cradle of Chaos (from the 11th floor onward the BGM should be different than normal ruins of Nefia)

[Effect of Mana Absorption Enchantment]

The effect is now based on both enchant strength and raw damage, and then decreased by the opponents PV from that point. Having a high PV is a good thing. The absorption effect is 20%, as before. In other words, it's not mana restored = mana damage, but that mana damage is five times the amount of mana absorbed.

[New NPC details]

Melugast typeM
Level 132, not very common. One is set to appear with the mid-boss, allowing it to be astral light penned.
<Bethel> The White Hawk ("<Vessel> the white hawk" in-game)
Level 128, knows Clear Mind and Shadow Step. In the middle of chapter 2, he will take the place of <Whom Dwell in Vanity> in party-time quests. He won't appear in the early parts of Chapter 3, but will be increased to level 178 when he does.
<Egelveil> the bind
Level 180. Knows Strikeout.
Dread Rabbit
Levels 156 Rabbit, knows Hand of Fear, as well as a new skill called Forced Meeting, drawing characters from the current floor to it.
Level 134 Rabbit, uses Healing Rain when near death.
White Rabbit God ("Hakutoshin" in-game)
Level 118 Rabbit
Bunny Ghoul
Level 90 Rabbit, knows Fawn On and Eye of Brainwash
Terrorism Squirrel
Level 48 Rabbit, immune to land mines
Turtle Rabbit
Level 25 Rabbit, knows the Slow spell
Dark Raider
Level 122 Bat
Level 99 Bat, neutral, waits for approach(?)
Level 78 Bat, knows Insult.
Level 54 Bat, knows Squeeze

[New Items]

Has the identical effect as a certain cat's cradle. Can also be used for a sub quest. The main difference is that it's light and made of "Raw". Lion and Red Lion will occasionally drop it.
(I assume I'm reading the first part wrong (某猫のゆりかご). I can only assume it's referring to Noel and her bomb, but I don't understand.
Violent skull sword
An enhanced version of the Violent Demon Sword (Skull Sword). The Nether damage is doubled, and magic damage is added.
<Mighty Arms>
3rd chapter main story quest reward
<The White Hawk>
Static gear equipped on Bethel once he becomes available in the 3rd chapter, as previously mentioned.
Скрытый текст: ПОКАЗАТЬ
1.46 Changelog (EN, translated by AnnaBannana)

[Additions & Changes]

Added an event where a companion who is at Soul Mate or higher work through the night and make an armor for you. This can trigger if you do not stay up overly late and wake up between morning and noon. It'll be a "soft" armor if the companion's tailoring skill is the highest, or a "hard" armor if their carpentry skill is the highest. The variety of armor that can be crafted rises with skill level, making it possible to create excellent armor. The companion's lines for this event can be edited in txtCreate.

A new subquest has been added that gives a reward for the first 50 cards in a deck. A new location has been added to North Tyris related to this addition (you may need to trigger a map reset [sudden diastrophism] for it to show up). [Maybe bad TL regarding the card thing]

The effect of Super Armor has been adjusted downwards. It's maximum reduction is now at 75% of max health.

Emergency Evasion now includes a 20% physical damage reduction. This is to give the feeling of partially avoiding even attacks that are guaranteed to hit.

Magic Armor now adds a 20% decrease to magical attributed attacks (not raw magic attribute).

The duel glove has now been fully implemented. It will cause the opponent to become hostile without a karma or relationship loss. Drops from dueled opponents are better than usual. However, you cannot leave the map while dueling, so be prepared.

When NPCs are fighting, any turn that ends with no actions (the so called "waste action") will give the NPC a 15% boost to their gauge if it is at 80% or lower. This does not apply while in defensive stance.

Having a cart that is too heavy will now stop you from moving, similar to inventory weight. However, since you're not carrying the items on your back, you won't take damage.

When items beyond a certain amount are sold to a trader, the number of items of other shops on the map will increase (up to a max of 20). Buying and reselling trade goods will have no effect. This effect is applied to stores when their inventory is decided, and is removed at their next restock. If a store's items have already been decided, then the bonus will apply to the next restock.

The grenade effect occurred too often and has been adjusted similarly to bolt invokes. The invoke rate for thrown grenades remain unchanged however.

Each "intermediate level" (normal form?) of the gods drop a new item. No effects have yet to be implemented.

Martial Arts attacks can now proc additional attacks up to 7 times (for a total of 8 attacks)

The strength of the 1.45 boss has been adjusted.

Two evolutions have been added.


The location of a unique in Melugas has been adjusted.

Fixed an issue regarding anniversaries when giving an engagement ring or necklace to a pet.

The Interlocking Shoot Mechanism and Proximity Assist enchantments will no longer proc when the opponent has died.

Icons on a certain part of the pot of fusion screen have been corrected.

Fixed some errors regarding the main quest progress flags.

Made some changes and corrections to various text.

Corrected some errors that 1.45 introduced to the appearances of uniques.

The changes to the slave trader from 1.45 should now work correctly.

1.46 Changes Detailed (official note translated to EN by AnnaBannana)

[Duel Glove Effect]
When an opponent is not asleep, paralyzed, blind, choking, dimmed, or feared, a thrown duel glove will begin a duel with them (the glove disappears). If the opponent is not eligible for a duel, the glove will not disappear.

In addition to not being able to leave a map through the stairs or the map edge, you will also not be able to move maps through these means: Melugast, Norn, Barrier Breaking (?), Move Request (?), Boat for the 3rd chapter, Subquests that teleport you, arenas, return, escape, or showroom movement.

Also, Incognito will not work. (Please report if you find a way to bypass this)

A duel ends when either the PC or the opponent dies. Guards may arrest you, sending you to the Isle of Madness. The time limit running out in a quest will cancel the duel, as will repatriating a god that is your duel partner.

Defeating an opponent will make them drop 1/4 of their gold (storekeeper's gold not included) as well as their card and statue. They will also drop all items of miracle or higher quality (excluding those set to not be dropped). Adventurers will drop all of their items - assuming you can beat them.

[Other stores being affected by trading]
The numbers of items generated is increased by 1 for ever 3000gp traded. Speaking to a storekeeper will now determine their number of items in addition to the items themselves. This allows you to break through the upper limit from investment alone. If you intend to reach the additional 20 items, it'll be necessary to carry around trade goods. And remember that traders start with a low amount of gold at first.

And, of course, you should take advantage of what sells best in each location, as well as carefully monitor your cart weight. Buying trade goods works as well, so keep that in mind too.

[Armor crafted by companions at night]
What they can make is as follows:


Tight Boots 10+
Coat 20+
Magic Hat 30+
Charm 40+
Cloak 50+
Decorated Gloves 60+
Pope Robe 70+
Bullet-proof Vest 80+
Fairy Hat 90+


Round Shield
Knight Helmet 10+
Neck Guard 20+
Plate Girdle 30+
Chain Mail 40+
Armored Boots 50+
Tower Shield 60+
Composite Helm 70+
Plate Gauntlets 80+
Plate Mail 90+

Produced goods are typically of miracle quality, though relationship value and player luck can increase that to godly. Also, items are always blessed. That's the power of love!

You likely won't get anything too great when a pet first reaches soul mate status, but as you go on you'll probably get some good equipment. Also, though it doesn't actually have an effect, you can also set a pet's lines for when they have greater than 100 in the respective skill.

[New Evolutions]

Rabbit + Magic Heart = Crimson-Eyed White Rabbit. Knows Time Stop.
Rabbit (Female Only) + Another Heart = Sylvani. Knows Cheer. (Name is a reference to a JP children's show I think)

[1.45 Boss Adjustment]
Constitution and ranged weapon have been adjusted, and Mind Breath has been changed to Nerve Breath.

[New Subquest]
The Witch Hut has been added East of the Truce grounds, near the snowy area. Ssil is there and gives the subquest. The rewards are "kneaded sweets of witch" and other consumable items from the fusion pot (there are a total of 10 steps right now).

[Additional Characters]

Equipped with the Blood Rod by default.
Age will show "Unknown", even if changed.

[New Items]
Blood Rod

Exclusive Enchant: Changes the user's mana to offensive power. When making an attack with more than 20MP, 0.5% of max MP is added as attack dice (up to 200). Current MP will be decreased by 5%. In other words, you need 40,000 mana for maximum effect, and each attack will drain 2000. Numerically the strongest weapon, but whether you can take advantage of that depends on you.

Kneaded Sweets of Witch

The subject is stunned and completely recovers. Can be spread with Alchemical Rain. Has various applications: Use it against a powerful monster to escape, use it together with the Vernis Original to recover an ally, etc.

The effect of the following items aren't yet implemented:

Dumbbell of Opatos - Dropped from Urcaquary
Amulet of Jure - Dropped from Rovid
Candle of Luluwy - Dropped from Arasiel
Very Pistol of Mani - Dropped from Garziem
Glasses of Yacatect - Dropped from Karavika
Bookmark of Itzpalt - Dropped from Sophia
Mug of Ehekatl - Dropped from Sinaha
Scissors of Kumiromi - Dropped from Amurdad

[Fixes to NPCs sold by the horse trader]
Dark Horse
[Fixes to the NPCs sold by the slave trader]

Juere Demon Soldier
Sage of Elea
Скрытый текст: ПОКАЗАТЬ
1.47 Changelog (English translated by AnnaBannana)

[Additions & Changes]

Two additional (W)ide Area skills have been added. One is essentially Ensemble for Literacy (for the PC), and the other is a weak ranged attack for NPCs.
Added two additional special NPCs.
The enchant added in 1.46 now affects both number of dice and added damage bonus. It now surpasses the Inner God weapons.
Added an additional choice to the Sleep Sharing event. Both your and your partner's "limit" will be raised randomly with this option. Companion reactions to this action can be set in txtEXReact.
Effects have been implemented for the god-related items added in 1.46. All have simple but quite powerful effects. The items can be used even if you obtained them in 1.46.
There is now an upper limit for dish quality that each cooking item can make. The details are in the detailed change log. You can use this change to make low-ranking dishes for quests.
In regards to the master/slave relationship, the change in relationship from companions "being patient" with items at their feet can now only be gained once a day.
Monster balls will now always weight 10s when a monster has been captured. (In Vanilla, this could increase to 100s based on enemy weight).
Added an upper-limit to the amount of damage that can be done by the "It deals cut damage to the attacker" enchantment. This value is doubled for enemies that have the cut reflection bit (such as hedgehogs).
There is now an upper limit of 100s for eggs created from love potions. Value calculations remain unchanged.
Design changes have been made to ranches. This change will only be reflected in new or re-generated ranches.
Added two additional red books.
Items designated as important can no longer be thrown away.
Spirits from the summon spirit spell, aliens from infected NPCs, and summoned zombies can no longer be dominated if their level is higher than that of the mid-boss of Ch 3.
NPCs with the summon bit will now drop items less frequently.


Descriptive text on cards have been modified.
The height and weight of Melugast TypeM has been adjusted.
Fixed the names/appearances of modified weapons not being read properly in some circumstances.
The inability to move due to cart weight now properly applies only to the world map.
Fixed the added blows from martial arts being gained by other weapon types.
Fixed the metal sound not playing when talking to shopkeepers that have stocked additional items due to trading with the town's trader.
Fixed the damage calculation for mines on the 2nd floor of your home.
Fixed an issue causing duels to not end even when defeating your opponent when in a showroom or the Amur-Cage.

1.47 Changes Detailed (English translated by AnnaBannana)

[New Item Effect Details]

These are subject to change.

Heavy Dumbbell - The effects of the training machine will be increased by 10x. Keep in mind that this may not help if your potentials are low..
Amulet of Health - The PC will only become sick with a 1/64 chance. Or, to be more accurate, there is a 63/64 chance that the PC will be immediately cured if they become sick.
Enticing Red Candle - When your master/servant relationship with a pet rises while you possess this item, your friendship with them will also increase. It will also decrease a pet's loss in friendship rating when performing forced sleep sharing.
Peculiar Signal Pistol - You can give tactical instructions to pets even when they're outside your line of sight. Furthermore, giving tactical instructions won't consume a turn.
Red Under Rim - When in possession of this item, you can see the decimal places of main attributes (luck excluded), as well as their added bonuses. You can track attributes as well.
Old Bookmark - When holding this item, the delay between being able to read skill books will become 1/12 (4 hours).
Fish Mug - When the PC drinks from a well, it will cancel all effects other than "The water is refreshing".
Clippers of Reincarnation - Ever been bummed out because sometimes your plants won't regrow, regardless of your gardening skill? With this item, so long as your gardening skill is high enough, plants will always regrow.

[Added Characters]

Sylph - Level 130 spirit. Uses Voracity Fang and Draw Shadow. Not typically generated; they only come from Lulwy's summons.
13-Step Demon - Level 66 ghost. Not typically generated. When moving up dungeon map stairs 66 times, there is a 1/130 chance for a spawn (can be multiple). They will swam the player. Inital level is 3/4DL. They will always drop Upstairs (furniture item). Additionally, whether or not they can spawn is based on the day, so don't bother reloading if they don't spawn. They use Pyschic Wave and Nether Wave. They're a nice little surprise for players who choose to flee a battle by climbing up the stairs.

[New Wide Area Special Actions]

Psychic Wave - 1 turn restraint and 1.5-2x the level of the user as fixed damage to enemies within sight. Used by the aforementioned 13-Step Demon and the <Nine Head Dragon> The Abyss.
Book Club - Learned at 40 Learning (on level up). Takes the Literacy and Memorization skills of companions (up to 1/5+3 of the PCs levels for each pet) to determine success rate and memorization. Completely eliminates negative outcomes when reading (instead just forcing you to stop reading), though it will take slightly longer to read books. Also, this will train your companion's literacy and memorization skill (spellbooks only). No experience is gained if you fail to read the book.

[1.46 Enchant Change]

Blood Rod Enchant - The old effect remains the same, but it now also adds .25% max MP to attack dice, capping at 100. In other words, at 40000MP, it deals 2d210+100 damage. Additionally, the weapon now weighs 4.8s for so that it can be two-handed.

[Cooking Tool Upper Limits]

Barbecue Set - Rank 9
Food Processor - Rank 8
Food Maker - Rank 8
Oven - Rank 7
Kitchen Oven - Rank 6
Kitchen Sink - Rank 6
Kitchen Counter - Rank 6
Portable Cooking Tool - Rank 5
Pot - Rank 4
Campfire - Rank 3
1.48 + 1.49
Скрытый текст: ПОКАЗАТЬ
1.48 Changelog (Translated by AnnaBannana])

[Additions & Changes]

A subquest in the 3rd chaper has been implemented. Even if you've already accepted the quest, the acceptance flag will be reset upon updating to 1.48.

Added a quiz minigame that's scored based on how long it takes you to answer. You can play on the 1st or 15th of every month by speaking with an informer in Lost Irva. Make sure you pay careful attention. You can probably manage about 250 points on your first go, and 350 after you learn the questions.

In Rust Plaza, the Sacred Library, Shrine of Guardian, and Mirage Tower, the location of the PC upon entering will now be fixed, regardless of which side you enter the area from.

The Amulet of Jure will now be effective when the PC becomes anorexic.

Jerky will no longer rot, will weight 0.1s, and will give the same nutrition as a rank 3 meat dish. The satiation is roughly halved, and no additional effects based on the corpse used will be gained. Two pieces will be produced for every one corpse, and the cursed/blessed status of the original corpse, as well as the corpse's plus value will be disregarded.

Added damage from the 3rd weapon and beyond has been reduced. Enchantments on those weapons should still leave them powerful enough.

Holy shield will also now increase the Shield skill by 20%. Feather will increase the Light Armor skill by 20%.

The strength of Cheer and Platinum Song have been adjusted downwards (from being based on 5x CHA to 3x CHA)

Two additional ghost NPCs have been added, as well as 2 evolution patterns.

Five additional frog NPCs have been added, as well as 2 evolution patterns.

Added one fixed artifact.

Added some items with effects like the command flag. Randomly generated.


The Ensemble and Book Club flags will be properly reset upon being interrupted while performing either action.

Fixed some issues with the Glasses of Yacatect.

Fixed an issue regarding map movement.

1.49 Changelog (Translated by AnnaBannana])


Fixed an issue with the new change to pets not opening unlocked doors.
Fixed an issue where NPCs were gaining more than 100% gauge through waste action even when they didn't meet the criteria.


[Additions & Changes]

Evolved pets, unique pets, or anything under the effect of form-shift will now accumulate gauge up to 200%. The gauge effects from 101-200% are specified in the detailed note. Gauge skills at 200% will do unmitigated damage and stun the enemy for one turn.
Unique NPCs' gauge increase from damage will now scale at the same rate as non-unique NPCs.
Attacks, provoke, and the taktstock will no longer increase the gauge when fighting a sandbagged enemy.
Added a new throwing-based special action.
Pets will no longer attempt to open closed doors that are not locked.
Attacks can no longer be evaded when under the effect of time stop.
Three new Angel NPCs have been added, as well as two evolutions.
Prior evolutions for the Arkhai and Dominion have been removed.
Juice made with the mixer will now stack automatically.
Added a new residence-type deed that's roughly 2.5x the area of the small castle. The number of possible items is still only 400, although one additional servant may be hired over the small castle.
Added two consumable items that can be created through pot of fusion.
Adding remains to coffins of necromancy will allow you to customize the abilities and appearance of the summoned undead.
Behavior while stunned is now similar to sleep.
Two additional red books have been added.


Fixed an issue where summoned undead would sometimes be immediately erased when deployed after building a new home.
For Jerky production, fixed an issue where non-stacking meat would create only two total pieces of jerky rather than two per piece. Furthermore, statuses from meat that were supposed to be cleared (herb, aphrodisiac, poison) will now clear properly.
Fixed an issue where pets were not gaining exp from Ensemble.
Fixed an issue where the chaos thunder dragon (混沌の雷雲龍) was not properly gaining chaos resistance when evolving from an evolved thunder cloud.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 20 сен 2015, 05:17

Теперь петы могут накрафтить брони, и можно сознательно делать низкоуровневую жратву для квестов, что раньше было невозможно.
Ну и ещё до кучи всего, что не упомнишь.
Элона+ - определённо это игра которую можно взять в полёт до Марса, хаха.

О, и ещё снизили количество платинки для тренировок (опять).

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 20 сен 2015, 06:17

Кто-нибудь подскажет места в рунете, где активно обсуждается игра?
Какой-нибудь чан или там что-то такое? А то тут пустыня, ни поговорить, ни опыта поднабраться.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Twin81 » 20 сен 2015, 12:43

Fenix-Феня писал(а):Кто-нибудь подскажет места в рунете, где активно обсуждается игра?
Какой-нибудь чан или там что-то такое? А то тут пустыня, ни поговорить, ни опыта поднабраться.
Сам помнится искал. Найдешь - скинь ссылку в ЛС или еще как. Я вот читаю чейндж логи и в ауте легком - половины не встречал и не слышал даже. Что там говорить - я как-то старый сэйв в Элоне загрузил и понял что мало что помню - заново вникать надо, вплоть до управления.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Fenix-Феня » 20 сен 2015, 13:33

Twin81 писал(а):Сам помнится искал. Найдешь - скинь ссылку в ЛС или еще как.
=D> =D> #-o :mrgreen:
Я вот читаю чейндж логи и в ауте легком - половины не встречал и не слышал даже. Что там говорить - я как-то старый сэйв в Элоне загрузил и понял что мало что помню - заново вникать надо, вплоть до управления.
У меня всегда так в любой игре, вернее в любом рогалике - каждый раз заново, ну вот в Элонке разве что чуть-чуть осталось после 2-3 месячного перерыва, с учётом что это уже 3-й заход.

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Re: Elona

Сообщение Twin81 » 18 июн 2016, 22:35

Цитата с оф. сайта Элоны: Following the closure of Nifty @HomePage service, our website is moving to a new domain. The current address will be no longer accessible after September 2016.

Also, some of you may have noticed that 2016 is the 10th anniversary of Elona and I might be able to bring you new Elona(on steam early access) later in this very year if everything goes well. May the etherwind always be with you!

В переводе не нуждается думаю. Но на всякий случай - Элона обзаводится новым официальным сайтом с сентября 2016 и, если все нормально пойдет, в этом году уже Noa представит новую Элону на Стиме в раннем доступе.


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